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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  October 21, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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breaking news and a lot of flashing lights on the freeway. this a look from the a dot camera. the i-10 is shut down here. this motorcycles involved in a crash here and all three people on them seriously hurt. fire crews only telling us
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and 26. i-10 closed westbound near 24th sterility. traffic is rerouletteed to the 51 and loop 202. hours left to walt for one valley -- wait for one family enduring a painful three years. >> tomorrow will be 3 years 10 months and ten 10 days since savannah's death. >> reporter: a judge is set to punish two guilty to a little girl's murder. i understand that family is ready to speak out in court. >> reporter: when the sentencing happens tomorrow morning in the court complex behind me, the family expects it to be emotional. the grandmother lost her only grandchild. every day life has been different for steven crough
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old daughter. >> they were asking for a candy bar and someone is scrap scrap -- slapping a kid. i stood up to that person and i'll do it again. >> reporter: savannah didn't have known stand up for her. she was at an unlicensed phoenix day care in 2012 when she died. two people have pleaded guilty to they are -- her murder. >> for the family tomorrow it means closure -- closure. >> reporter: they will sentenced tomorrow. >> reporter: one admitted to kicking her in the stomach. >> as lightning as they off the street and it can't happen to anyone else, i'll be happy with that. >> reporter: he shared custody with their mother. he lived in colorado while the mother had savannah here. grandma wish that's mom would have left savannah with her.
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only -- my only grandchild and now he is my only son. . reporter: we tried to reach savannah's mother for comment be tonight. we were not able to. back to you. thank you. breaking news update right now classes returning to normal tomorrow as -- after what went down in the pima community college. a woman says a man tried to force her into police didn't find the car she described but the west campus was shut down today because of this. classes back on fore -- for tomorrow. new video it -- just in. candles spelling out of the the -- the names of people came -- killed in car crash. families -- family and friends coming out to the vigil embracing each other as they
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>> i'm glad bonnie is still here but i'm heartbroken over the other person. >> reporter: the driver of the other vehicle showed signs of impairment. a worker trapped in a pipe at a power station. he was trying to secretary secretary -- inspect a damaged transformer. the rescue took a highly skilled team three hours. this is just reopening in both directions after -- after cactus and 38th avenues, the garbage truck driver was not hurt. looking into the gilbert condo fire will -- which is now officially ruled arson. a reward is being offered. the damage is totalling more than $10 million. the person of interest is described as a young man wear
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and new video of a tattoo parlor hit by a fire. near 19th avenue on bell road. investigators are looking to to -- through the video. an annual fundraiser turning into dinner's theater. donald trump and hillary clinton not just roechting each other. these -- -- ros -- roasting each other but they hurt think, was like that dreamt moment at thanksgiving dinner where your uncle starts viability viability -- fighting with your in-laws and everyone is laughing uncomfortable lip desperatelily - -- sdpreptly wondering which -- when desert is coming.
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thank god he was. we couldn't get through this campaign. >> reporter: the current candidates traded jokes. no moderator. >> it's amazing i'm up here each donald. i didn't think he would be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> after listening to hillary rattle on and on and on, i don't think so odonnl -- odennell nigh scombloor hillary believes it's vital to dereceive the the -- deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different policy in private. >> and it just gets awkward. >> donald looks at statue of
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maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: i guess that's why they are running for president and not a stand-up gig. it's all in good fun. trump did extend his hand for a shake with senator clinton when it was all said and done. here in the valley the high- profile visit by and the electric freechl -- phoenix crowd. she reminded everyone arizona could be a swing state and called donald trump out of touch and a danger to democracy. >> you doesn't understand us, maybe that's why he called the community where i was raised hell. we are a nation built by our differences guided by the belief that we are all created
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is a reminder that hillary clinton hasn't been to our state in more sthaeven months. strum already laying the ground fork -- work >> you have five days after the election is over to go to a judge and you have to convince a judge that you have a cause, a cause and that that cause would actually change the outcome of the election. so you have to prove that to a judge. >> our secret layers of protection ensure no one rigs an election here. you need proof of citizen sthoip vote. machines are tested and they use tam per-proof seals. -- he's off to pennsylvania after that. screened helping back to cleveland holding a rally where early voting is already under way.
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this is 20 eighth street and bell road. we heard it might i -- be a motorcycle stuck underneath a van. that's what it looks like as they -- they shine the light on that. we're working to get more information. updates will be out to you. we have more breaking news. we will move air15 and try get that to you. 48 minutes to respond to a 911 call about an attempted kidnapping. tonight sheriff's deputies are saying that heavy traffic blame. a stranger jumped into the passenger seat of her car an tried to grab her 4-year-old out of the back. dad chased off the suspect. >> inside me i'm telling myself i should have got justice for myself. if i would have known the sheriffs weren't going to get him and he would get away, i would have.
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them do you know -- down getting to gyma bend. viewer video just in from the motorcycle crash on the i- 10. you can see the police lights flashing and the motorcycles lying on the sides there. you -- we know two men and a woman were rushed to trauma center. all in serious question. -- -- condition. right now the search is fohn -- often -- on for a dangerous bear. this is near tucson. trails are closed for the time being since the bear charged at hikers a few days back. game and fish is considering using hounds to track down the bear. now for the most accurate forecast. track a lanina watch and the impact it would -- could have on us. >> the ocean waters are cooling so the watch has been issued.
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are the typical implications here. rain fall increased and drought and warmer than normal temperatures as well. winter outlook shows just that. a good chance of warmer than average temperatures here for us across arizona and a really good chance for drier than average condition. that is going to be the case for the next several days and rain chances back in the forecast for the first time in over to -- two weeks. we'll look at seven-day forecast and all the changes coming out -- our way in minutes. can't get them caught, offer ne -- a reward to find these two and the truck. the incredible story of how they were found and the clues splays to figure out who did this. careful before snapping
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all new, who could -- would do it? that's the question a -- after a couple of service animals are dog-napped and dumped. just now hearing from the owners who have a tipster to >> the dogs were spotted near the park near 60 seventh and camp bell. one was okay and one was badly hurt. the missing fliers still flap in the night breeze. these service dogs disappeared near their home last night. >> i specifically stated they were service dog and it was really important to get back. reporter: the couple said
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but they also serve an important role. >> they provide for anxiety and panic attacks. >> reporter: they went online and plastered signs. a tip came in. the dogs were spotted two miles away. >> we found wrinkles. he was in shock and scared. he wanted to -- didn't want to be touched. >> reporter: the tipste recollection -- tipster said she saw a man drop them off. >> my heart was broken. i was completely -- i had to keep her with my hand. >> reporter: cha-cha had a gash on her leg. she's recovering from her injuries. the only suspect description we have is a hispanic male, skinny
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new developments on sneaky valley thieves caught on camera. a man is offering a $500 reward to them. the crocks -- the crooks got away near indian school. jumping fence after fence catching a burglar in tempe. the officer captured everything with his body camera. he called the suspect by name. the guy left some of his own stuff inside the house he targd and when he was cuffed police say was wearing the homeowners' clothes. maybe the most outrageous video of the night a disgruntled mail man taking out his frustration in a criminal way. take a look.
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into a ditch. outraged neighbors continue to sound off on it. . >> the government worker is doing this kind of stuff. this is ridiculous. i haven't seen received my mail, that is what is happening. >> this would be a federal offense and the mess took two hours to clean up. can't be happy about that. look at that. messing with the mail and making a that's no good. take a look at the forecast. ten degrees above normal. it was a hot one out there and just six degrees shy of the record. 87 is normal. we haven't seen temperatures in the 80s for two weeks now. 16 days in the 90s. today all the way to 97. that's four degrees marme marme -- warmer than yesterday. it's all because of high pressure sitting right over our stated keeping things warm and
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and that will continue through tomorrow. that has picked up the breeze today and we'll keep the breezes throng -- going through tomorrow. mainly in the morning. southwest arizona is the spot where the breezy conditions are the biz -- biggest. our winds here in the valley coming in at eight miles per hour. tomorrow futurecast winds breeze through central arizona and southe not quite adds -- as strong as today. friday is gustier 20 miles per hour. saturday and sunday gusts are near 15. temperatures in the overnight forecast will dip down into the 60s an -- sen -- and 70. 71 is the low for phoenix. 901 at noon and temperatures in the mid to upper 90s for the
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95 for mesa. apache junction and scottsdale too. in the west valley temperatures are 97 in peoria. let's talk about the forecasts across its -- the state. breezes trent -- 26 in window rock. 27 at the grand canyon. a few hours in the morning below the freezing mark. they will just be freezing for an hour or so. 30s but not quite freezing like plaque places like winslow. 80 degrees in prescott. activity planner looks great. sven warm and wash -- watch out for the uv index. between afternoon -- noon and 1:00 p.m. it will be peeking in the eye -- high range. temperatures stay hooted into
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shower chance kicking in sunday. big pattern shift early next week. high pressure is out of here. low pressure is coming in from the pacific northwest. cools us down by tuesday. rain chances, best bet is monday with a 30% chance. thanks. more breaking news be tonight. a car hit someone here this, is near 35th avenue and bethany home. this just turned deadly. the driver took off. a second driver stayed. this is near 35th avenue. should you be taking a selfie if you vote? we'll break down what is and sanity allowed. . there's a new tool to stop all the ringing from those robo
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it must be your own and it must be within the 75-yard limit. tmz posted security footage showing a group of guys red red -- heading to and from kim kim kardashian's room. you can make out the backpack that may contain the millions of dollars of her to help block the harassing and illegal -- -- legal robo calls. there's a company putting numbers an -- on a black list. nomo robo is the name. they use a special fetalure to alert you to a robo call. the phone only rings once before the company goes to work. >> if it's a robo call, we answer it for you and hang up
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it's free for your land line. there's a charge for your simone -- cell phone. the lack bliss -- black list database has four hundred for -- four hundred thousand numbers. calls will not be blocked for school closings, prescription calls and reminders for doctors' appointments. the consumer for arm was was -- is just wrapping up in the tempe market place. people got help on landlord issues and personal issue. >> there's a place we go for positive feedback and maybe get help for the problems. >> all issues were addressed and recollect fide to the bet of -- -- -- rectified to the best of our ability. the hal yin -- halloween
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monday night football performance, a nickname is necessary. . all your night ohms look up tonight. the meetor shower time midnight is 6:00 a.m. it's going to be clear and you
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this is for pat. that's what la sparks forward said. parker dedicated the big win to
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who passed away this summer. . here's jason. >> david johnson needs a nickname. rushes for over 100 yards and 3 touchdowns. >> i've seen that everywhere. on social media doing snuffs, everybody --terviews, everyone is asking me for the nickname. >> i gave him a nickname a month al -- ago. >> dj smiles. what's wrong with that. today he told me he doesn't like it that much. >> what was your beef with mine d.j. sometimes? >> that was yours. that's a good one. it's not intim dating enough.


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